Review of “What in the World is Going On?” by David Jeremiah


What in the World is Going On? by Dr. David Jeremiah (Thomas Nelson Publishers) engages the reader with an overview of ten key biblical ends-times themes with specific interest in seeing these events being fulfilled in our current world situation.

I highly respect David Jeremiah. I have more than one friend who knows him personally and by all accounts he is the real deal. He has faithfully proclaimed God’s Word without apology for decades. For these reasons, it is difficult for me to offer an objective review, but here goes.

What I like about this book was Dr. Jeremiah’s honest effort to connect the dots between ancient prophecy and today. He has obviously spent much time studying the relevant biblical passages as well as surveying the contemporary political scene.

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A Prayer for Our Presidents

Today is one of those rare days in which we can pray for two presidents of the United States. As the day starts, George W. Bush is our President, as the day ends, Barack Obama will be our President.

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, can you join me in fulfilling our Lord’s command to pray for those in authority by lifting up both these men before the throne of grace?

A prayer for our presidents:

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Still My Best Man

My Best Man

Fourteen years ago, as Lacey and I were planning our wedding, there was never a second thought in my mind as to who my best man would be: my Dad.

My Dad has always been there…as a father and as a friend.

I’m thankful for his always upbeat attitude, choosing to believe the best in people, giving them 2nd and 3rd and 243rd chances. If my Dad doesn’t like you, you’ve got some serious issues.

I’m thankful for how he has loved Mom through the years. I remember his tender care of her when she fought cancer in the mid-80s. One healthcare worker, observing his tender care, assumed he was her father (fooled not b/c Dad looked old, but b/c Mom has always looked so young!). What could have been considered embarassing was actually a huge compliment to his love for her.

I’m thankful for how Dad always worked to become interested in whatever I was interested in at the time. No matter what sport, no matter what style of music, no matter what historical era; whether it was rap music in my teen years, or my recent interest in hunting, he has used my interests to get into my world.

I’m thankful for how much Dad loves my wife and my kids. Lacey is the daughter to him he never had. My kids are his joy.  He lights up around them and is just as effective getting into their worlds (and thus their hearts) as he did with me.

Yes, God has blessed me with a wonderful Dad. And I don’t tell him that enough.

Dad, you were my best man, you are my best man, and you will always be my best man.

Happy Birthday.  I love you.