A Mac Man

Monday is my day off. So today I want to pause and say thanks to…Apple. I am one of those annoyingly satisfied Mac guys. I may not have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I have been on a Mac since 1992. Here are the seven Macs I have either owned or convinced my church to purchase for use:

My First Apple Computer

Performa 575 – During my first year of seminary, I got this through my Mom’s education discount. This wonderful computer lasted 10 years. It still functioned after our office was struck by lightning, but the image on the screen was distorted slightly thereafter.

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When Scientists Need to Keep the Funding Rolling In…

…they will lie, deceive, and be downright cruel. At least that is what appears to be the case among a certain group of scientists, the ones who want to keep the public believing that the planet is warming, despite their own evidence. This Wall Street Journal article provides an overview of “Climategate” while this Telegraph column goes into more detail.

Ask anyone who knows me well…I have been a skeptic of this non-sense all along. Do you remember back in the 70s when all the science “experts” were predicting another ice age?

Well, dear reader, if you have been duped by the global warning lie, would it shake your confidence at all to know that the founder of the Weather Channel has called it “the greatest scam in history”? John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, wrote an article exposing the lie.  Here is a portion:

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Labonte Growing Spiritually During Career Drought

All true NASCAR fans have one driver they pull for above the rest, with Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon being the circuit’s most popular drivers. I would not consider myself to be a “true” NASCAR fan. I only watch the highlights on occasion and I couldn’t tell you who won last week, although I am pretty sure Jimmie Johnson is poised to win his 4th straight NASCAR Cup. Anyway, my main man is Bobby Labonte. I chose him because (a) he is purported from multiple sources to be the real deal as a Christian and (b) he is a champion.

In a recent BP Sports article by Lee Warren, Labonte commented on how he is handling a low point in terms of success on the track,

It’s definitely a struggle from one day to the next…I’ve been reading the Bible more and more and getting a lot of support from family and friends, especially my wife.”

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