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Reason #23

Back in 2008 I penned a blog post that has been, by far, the most popular one I’ve ever written (approaching 200,000 views). That blog post, “Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?, presents 21 reasons why I think it is wise to refrain from drinking alcohol.

A couple of years later I added, somewhat humorously, a 22nd reason.

Today I add a 23rd: You should avoid drinking alcohol in order to avoid increased mosquito attraction. Yes, you read that correctly. Mosquitoes are more likely to be attracted to you after you have consumed alcohol.

A team of researchers in Japan warn that “persons drinking alcohol should be careful about their increased risk to mosquito bites and therefore exposure to mosquito-borne diseases.”

So there’s that, too. 🙂

Dr. Geisler on the Danger of Drinking Alcohol

Far and away the most popular post here at, receiving up to 2,000 hits per week, has been “Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?” In that post I list 21 reasons why I believe it is wise for a Christian to totally abstain from the use of alcohol as a beverage. I recently came across this presentation from Dr. Norman Geisler titled “To Drink or Not Drink: A Sober Look at the Question.” He makes some strong points which I hope you will consider. See the presentation HERE.

Reason #22

The most popular post in the history of this blog is “Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?” In that post I list 21 reasons why it is wise to abstain from alcohol use. I recognize that the incident reported below is an example of alcohol abuse rather than use, but I list it as a reason to abstain because few people who abuse alcohol actually set out to abuse it. Most alcohol abusers are simply users who don’t know when to stop. I think it wise to simply avoid the risk of not knowing when to stop.

Here is reason #22 why I think it is wise to avoid alcohol consumption:

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Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?

Should a Christian drink alcoholic beverages?  Christians are divided on the subject.  Some Christians, known as prohibitionists, believe that drinking alcoholic beverages is morally wrong.  Another group, known as abstentionists, believe that abstaining from use of alcoholic beverages is the wise and loving position.  A final group, called the moderationists, believe that drinking alcoholic beverages is acceptable provided they are not abused to the point of drunkenness.  All Christians agree that drunkenness is a sin.

Which view is correct?

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