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History According to Hollywood…to be Trusted?

I’m walking around in a daze this morning because I found out that William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart, was not accurately portrayed. Gasp! You mean Braveheart was only “based” on a true story and not actually a true story?  Apparently so. Gasp! Oh, no!  I’ve been trying to live my life as a manly man whose warcry is FREEDOM!!! My world is now turned upside down. How will I make it through the week? I’ve learned my lesson: I’ll never trust Hollywood’s silver screen version of things. Wow. I think this is a breakthrough moment in my life.

The Story Behind “Grace”

Do you recognize this piece of art?


Odds are pretty good that you do. Perhaps this picture was on the wall at your Grandmother’s house or your home church.  You might even have the picture on your wall. It is one of the most reproduced pictures of the 20th Century.

But do you know the story behind it?

Painted by Rhoda Nyberg, this famous portrait is from a photograph taken in 1918 by Mrs. Nyberg’s father, Eric Enstrom, a photographer from Bovey, Minnesota.

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