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Narnia: The Books and Movies are Different

In Lewis’s telling of all of the Narnia tales, the children’s experiences as kings and queens in Narnia consistently transform them into nobler, more virtuous people in their own world. They are not spoiled children wanting to be kings again; they are noble kings who carry that very nobility back into their non-royal roles as schoolchildren.

But not so in Hollywood. To be a king at all is to hunger for power forevermore, like a tiger that has tasted human blood and ever afterwards is a “man-eater.” To lose imperial power by being transported back to England is to become a bitter, sullen, acrimonious brat. That is just what Peter has become, and his folly is the driving force behind most of the action in the movie.”

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Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut; Should Christians Support MMA?

I read this morning that Herschel Walker is now officially an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He made his professional début Saturday night in South Florida. defeating Hungarian Greg Nagy in a 3rd round TKO (technical knock out). The 47-year-old looks incredibly in shape for his age, which is not too surprising for those who have followed Walker’s career and are familiar with his famous natural workout regimen (he’s never lifted weights).

Walker, a professing Christian, is entering a brutal sport. Some would say barbaric. Is this the kind of sport a follower of Jesus Christ should get involved in?

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