Recommending Randy Alcorn

Every once in a while you come across a writer that blows you away because nearly everything he or she writes resonates with your heart.  Randy Alcorn has been such a writer for me for over a decade.  Every book of his that I have picked up has been simply outstanding.  And he also has a BLOG that you ought to check out when you get a chance.

Debt and Wisdom

When the economy is going great, we tend to take if for granted.  But when the wheels start coming off, it gets our attention.  As a nation, we are at full attention.  The current economic crisis can be traced to greed.  This greed manifested itself in many Americans overindulging themselves because they could through credit.  

According to the Bible, debt in and of itself is not evil.  When God, through Moses, was establishing the laws for the people of Israel, He addressed the subject of borrowing and lending and how to pay someone back.  So incurring debt is not a sin.  But the Bible also speaks of being wise about debt and recognizing debt is not something one should pursue.  The reverse is true: we should seek avoid or get out of debt.  A couple of Bible verses come to mind:

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