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Narnia: The Books and Movies are Different

In Lewis’s telling of all of the Narnia tales, the children’s experiences as kings and queens in Narnia consistently transform them into nobler, more virtuous people in their own world. They are not spoiled children wanting to be kings again; they are noble kings who carry that very nobility back into their non-royal roles as schoolchildren.

But not so in Hollywood. To be a king at all is to hunger for power forevermore, like a tiger that has tasted human blood and ever afterwards is a “man-eater.” To lose imperial power by being transported back to England is to become a bitter, sullen, acrimonious brat. That is just what Peter has become, and his folly is the driving force behind most of the action in the movie.”

Click HERE to Read Steven D. Boyer’s “Narnia Invaded: How the New Films Subvert Lewis’s Hierarchical World.”


On Journalists Covering Christian Athletes

As one who has been writing for BP Sports, I really enjoyed Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s recent column for the Wall Street Journal titled, “When God Talk Gets Sidelined: Sports journalists are reluctant to tackle faith on the field.” I personally applaud the boldness of Christian athletes when they speak up about their faith in Christ. But I also agree with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King when he struggles with those whose walk do not match up with their talk. That’s why these athletes need prayer and accountability.

HT: Ed Stetzer

Technology Changing Our World Very Rapidly

We are living in in the midst of a technological/communications/social networking revolution.

One of the main reasons I am on Facebook/Twitter and have this blog is because the future is arriving fast. Our world shrunk tremendously in the last century with the automobile, flight, satellite technology, radio, television, etc. Now we are witnessing another massive shrinking (oxymoron?).

Just consider this amazing quote from the video below…

The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful and about a hundred thousand times smaller (than the one computer at MIT in 1965)…”

Anyway, here’s the video: