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Russia Halts U. S. Adoptions

Sadly, Russia has decided to suspend all outgoing adoptions for the time being. Hundreds of U.S. families are in the process of adopting from Russia. The U. S. State Department will be sending a delegation to meet with Russian officials sometime next week. We need to pray for the children, the families, and for the Government officials involved in the decision making.

Russell Moore on Russia’s Orphans

I nervously switched off the television early Sunday morning as I heard my children bounding toward the door. I didn’t want them to hear the news. I didn’t want to hear it myself. Every time I see what is going on in Russia, with the government calling for an immediate halt on American adoptions, I think about the orphanage where I first met my two oldest sons.”

Russell Moore, professor at Southern Seminary, blogs about the potentially tragic implications of Russia ending the practice of international adoptions from their country.