A Prayer for Our Presidents

Today is one of those rare days in which we can pray for two presidents of the United States. As the day starts, George W. Bush is our President, as the day ends, Barack Obama will be our President.

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, can you join me in fulfilling our Lord’s command to pray for those in authority by lifting up both these men before the throne of grace?

A prayer for our presidents:

Lord, Your word says that You set up kings and kingdoms,

and no one comes to a position of authority outside of your permission.

You saw fit to bring George W. Bush to our highest office,

and now you have lifted up Barack Obama to the same.

Lord, these men are simply that…men.

They need Your strength, they need Your guidance,

and they need Your protection.

Most of us will never understand the weight of the mantle they bear,

so give us hearts of mercy when we assess their performance.

We pray for President Bush and his family as they enter a new phase

in their lives.  Grant them peace and make them fruitful in their endeavors.

We pray for President Obama and his family as they face the tremendous

expectations that have been placed upon them.

Provide President Obama with wisdom and surround him with people

who truly have the best interests of this country in mind.

As I think about the reality that America has elected a man of color to the

highest office of the land,

I cannot help but think of the many slaves from days past, who in their

oppression cried out to You for deliverance.

Thank you that our country has come so far to see this historic day.

I pray for for President Obama, along with all our elected and appointed

officials, that they will pursue peace and prosperity and security for all

people, from the unborn to the oldest, from the most fit to the most disabled,

from the richest to the poorest, regardless of their color or ethnicity.

In Jesus name,


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