2 thoughts on “On Helping Haiti’s Orphans”

  1. Greetings and Prayers,

    With the current tragedy in Haiti – I have never been more compelled to rescue some babies from Haiti! My husband and I have always wanted to adopt from there! But now we want to reach out even MORE some how!!! I’ve been reading that legal adoptions are on hold right now …pending paperwork lost in the rubble, awaiting parents-to-be have lost contact with their adoption agencies… I pray for them!!

    My husband and I just wanna go down there and sweep up the babies into our arms and bring them home to our safe, warm, plentiful, loving home!!! Keep me in the forefront of your mind if you hear of any babies who need a safe place here in the US – whether permanently or even if only temporarily! Are there any emergency foster programs in effect right now?

    I have 3 bedrooms ready and waiting – a baby safety proofed home and many toys and comfortable beds/cribs ready! I have infant and children’s clothing readliy available to me (hand me downs from children & babies in my immediate family) I even have “to code” safety car seats/booster chairs! But most importantly – I have an open door and and an open heart!!

    Thank you and God bless…
    Jen Dean

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