Tour of My House, part 1 (the master bathroom)

So, I know many of my church members have seen my office at work. But few have had the privelege of stepping into the bathroom off of our master bedroom. I took a pic to let you know what it looked like because I know that many of you are just dying to know. Behold!  The master bath:

So that I'm never more than 2 feet away from serious study!

Just kidding!  But isn’t this hilarious? I wonder who really owns this bathroom…a professor? a writer? a librarian? I will admit, part of me is jealous. Now if only there was a flat screen TV permanently set to ESPN right in front, eye level…now that would be perfect!

HT: Zach Nielsen

3 thoughts on “Tour of My House, part 1 (the master bathroom)”

  1. I have to admit that my grandfather was a huge lover of books and he actually had one of his downstairs bathrooms that looked much like this. In fact, when he died and my grandmother asked me if I would like anything of his…I asked for a couple of his books, guess where I had to go to get them!

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