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A Mac Man

Monday is my day off. So today I want to pause and say thanks to…Apple. I am one of those annoyingly satisfied Mac guys. I may not have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I have been on a Mac since 1992. Here are the seven Macs I have either owned or convinced my church to purchase for use:

My First Apple Computer

Performa 575 – During my first year of seminary, I got this through my Mom’s education discount. This wonderful computer lasted 10 years. It still functioned after our office was struck by lightning, but the image on the screen was distorted slightly thereafter.

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Technology Changing Our World Very Rapidly

We are living in in the midst of a technological/communications/social networking revolution.

One of the main reasons I am on Facebook/Twitter and have this blog is because the future is arriving fast. Our world shrunk tremendously in the last century with the automobile, flight, satellite technology, radio, television, etc. Now we are witnessing another massive shrinking (oxymoron?).

Just consider this amazing quote from the video below…

The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful and about a hundred thousand times smaller (than the one computer at MIT in 1965)…”

Anyway, here’s the video: