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John Piper on Retaining Memorized Scripture

Very good counsel HERE.


30 Years Ago Today…

John Piper in January of 1979
John Piper in January of 1979

…John Piper made the decision to no longer be a college professor and become a pastor. Why do I take notice of this day? Because I believe no man has had a more significant influence over young evangelical Christians in North America over the past 15 years than Piper. His books, particularly his signature work, Desiring God, have been a tremendous source of inspiration for millions. Because of his intellectual rigor, for those who have been longing for a reasonable yet passionate faith, his books have been an oasis amidst the desert of evangelical fluff. The thesis of the aforementioned book, and really the thesis for his entire ministry is this: Continue reading 30 Years Ago Today…

This is Fresh: Sermon Jams

On the way to Chicago last month my friends Kurt and Richard introduced me to a new concept: sermon jams. Check it out: sermon jams are clips from sermons set to music. I am totally loading some of these on my iPod for when I go to the gym. Go to iTunes and search for “sermon jams” and you will find sermon jams for Dawson Trotman, Mark Cahill, John Piper, and others. Word is some of our church members are going to do a few sermon jams from my preaching. Not that I believe them. I think they were just making a threat. But that will be interesting. Ever notice how you can’t stand hearing yourself? Somehow I can’t picture myself pumping iron while I’m listening to one of my former sermons set to to a funky beat..yikes! I think I’ll stick to Piper. Peace.