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The Truth about Sin

From A Tale of Two Sons by John Macarthur, page 78:

When we sin, we show disdain for God’s fatherly love as well as His holy authority. We spurn not merely His law, but also His very person. To sin is to deny God His place. It is an expression of hatred against God. It is tantamount to wishing He were dead. It is dishonoring to Him. And since all sin has at its heart this element of contempt for God, even the smallest sin has enough evil to unleash an eternity full of mischief, misfortune, and misery. The fact that the entire world of human evil all stemmed from Adam’s simple act of disobedience is vivid proof of that (Romans 5:12, 19; 1 Corinthians 15.21-22).”

You May Not be Able to Judge a Book by Its Cover…

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can learn a lot about a person by looking at the book he owns. The library of a preacher says even more. Jay Adams comments on this reality, along with the truth that books are going digital…

You used to be able to tell a lot about a preacher—and about his preaching—simply by walking into his library. If it was filled with catchy titles, how-to manuals, frothy experience-oriented fluff, as well as second-rate commentaries, you could know that isn’t the place to hang your hat as a church member. But things have changed. Now, a man can have an entire library on a computer’s disc that includes volumes that were once inaccessible, and with translations galore at his fingertips.

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Review of “What in the World is Going On?” by David Jeremiah


What in the World is Going On? by Dr. David Jeremiah (Thomas Nelson Publishers) engages the reader with an overview of ten key biblical ends-times themes with specific interest in seeing these events being fulfilled in our current world situation.

I highly respect David Jeremiah. I have more than one friend who knows him personally and by all accounts he is the real deal. He has faithfully proclaimed God’s Word without apology for decades. For these reasons, it is difficult for me to offer an objective review, but here goes.

What I like about this book was Dr. Jeremiah’s honest effort to connect the dots between ancient prophecy and today. He has obviously spent much time studying the relevant biblical passages as well as surveying the contemporary political scene.

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Recommending Randy Alcorn

Every once in a while you come across a writer that blows you away because nearly everything he or she writes resonates with your heart.  Randy Alcorn has been such a writer for me for over a decade.  Every book of his that I have picked up has been simply outstanding.  And he also has a BLOG that you ought to check out when you get a chance.