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Opinions on the New NIV

If you have followed this blog for very long, you are aware that I have a passion for Bibles and a keen interest in English translations of the Bible. A few weeks ago the newly update NIV was made available online. Printed copies will be available in 2011.

Now that the new text has been online for a few weeks, opinions are starting to be expressed. Here are a few:

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2011 NIV Now Available Online

Today, Biblica released the online version of the 2011 NIV update. According to Douglas Moo, chair of the Committee on Bible Translation, “95% of the original NIV is preserved in this update.” I spent some time early this morning comparing a few key chapters of the New Testament from the 2011 version with the well-known 1984 edition. But I need to do much more reading before I offer an opinion. You can read the new NIV online HERE or HERE.

The 2011 NIV: Facing the Challenges

I hope the revision of the NIV Bible is wildly successful, both in its faithfulness to the original languages and in its reception by the public. If it is not faithful to the original languages then I hope it is a commercial failure. I am not an expert in marketing or business. I am not an expert in linguistics. I am not an expert in Bible translating. I am simply a pastor who love’s God’s Word and desires to help people be transformed by God’s Word. So it is with much humility that I offer my thoughts on what it will take to make the 2011 NIV a success:

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The 2011 NIV: Challenge #3

Previously I suggested that increased competition and the gender-neutral language debate were two challenges facing the new NIV to be released in 2011. Here is the third challenge:

3. DESIGN and MARKETING – Easily my most subjective post in this series, I believe a final challenge that Zondervan and Biblica face in extending the NIV’s dominance in the English-speaking world is to return to the front of the pack in packaging and presenting the product. In my humble opinion, Crossway (ESV), Tyndale (NLT), and B&H (CSB) are all ahead of Zondervan in these two crucial areas. Let me expand on these two thoughts:

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