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The Story Behind “Grace”

Do you recognize this piece of art?


Odds are pretty good that you do. Perhaps this picture was on the wall at your Grandmother’s house or your home church.  You might even have the picture on your wall. It is one of the most reproduced pictures of the 20th Century.

But do you know the story behind it?

Painted by Rhoda Nyberg, this famous portrait is from a photograph taken in 1918 by Mrs. Nyberg’s father, Eric Enstrom, a photographer from Bovey, Minnesota.

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Hunger to Hear a Word of God from a Man of God

This account (circa 1740) of a farmer’s desire to hear the Word proclaimed in might by the popular evangelist George Whitefield causes my heart to well up with strong desire for our nation to again be touched with another spiritual great awakening:

Now it pleased God to send Mr. Whitefield into this land and my hearing of his preaching at Philadelphia, like one of the old apostles, and many thousands flocking after him to hear the gospel and great numbers converted to Christ, I felt the Spirit of God drawing me by conviction . . .

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“Children are a Kind of Wealth”

“Children are a kind of wealth,” according to Barbara Curtis, mother of twelve ranging in ages 8-39. Most Americans would find this king of statement strange or flat out absurd. We are now living in an era in which a large family is considered by the mainstream to be a sort of freak show. It was not this way not so long ago. According to an excellent recent New York Times article

In 1976, census data show, 59 percent of women ages 40 to 44 had three or more children, 20 percent had five or more and 6 percent had seven or more. By 2006…28 percent of women ages 40-44 had three or more children, 4 percent had five or more and just 0.5 percent had seven or more.”

So a lot has changed in just 30 years. As an ONLY child raised in the 70s, I probably had an uncommon view. To me, a family with two children was normal.  A family with three or more children was large. My uncommon view then is common now.

We have chosen to buck the trend.

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A Prayer for Our Presidents

Today is one of those rare days in which we can pray for two presidents of the United States. As the day starts, George W. Bush is our President, as the day ends, Barack Obama will be our President.

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, can you join me in fulfilling our Lord’s command to pray for those in authority by lifting up both these men before the throne of grace?

A prayer for our presidents:

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