Book Review: Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson


How did I spend Veterans Day 2013? Aside from sleeping in, my daily Bible reading, installing a shelf in the garage, riding bikes with the family, taking the mower in to be fixed, taking Bryce on a Daddy date to the batting cages and Sonic, and eating three meals? I spent it reading Happy, Happy, Happy in its entirety.

It’s nearly a miracle that I waited this long to get my hands on this book. Ever since I first heard of Phil Robertson, I became enamored with his story and his lifestyle. A couple of years later, so did the rest of America, with the launch of the wildly popular reality TV show, Duck Dynasty.

Because I have been such a fan of the Robertson family, I was already familiar with much of his story. Yet reading the book was nothing close to a letdown. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it met my expectations. I was intrigued, inspired, encouraged, and even found myself laughing out loud a few times. Up next? Uncle Si’s Si-Cology!  *****5 of 5 stars

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