American Christians at a Crossroads

Today, as we celebrate 237 years of declared freedom, American Christians stand at a crossroads. We are living in an era in which are freedoms are under attack: freedom to life, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and siezure, and freedom to protect oneself. The political climate over the past couple of years has revealed a trajectory that is sobering.

We Christians are increasingly finding ourselves out of step with the society in which we live. As these changes continue to occur, the American Christian is going to be forced to make decisions about who is truly the Lord of his or her life: the state or the Savior. Here are a few salient quotes from a  post by Rick Phillips:

“We face explicitly anti-Christian forces who are determined to paganize America and are completely unrestrained by concerns of integrity, fairness, or democratic process.”

“We must speak out boldly and pointedly as Christians even if we are publicly derided as hatemongers or dangerous religious extremists.”

“Our pulpits must resound with the biblical message of law and gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.  While many churches (especially many prominent mega-churches) may capitulate to the pagan agenda, ours must stand with the Lord through faithfulness to his Word.”

“We must now rally as Christians around the source of our true power, the throne of grace in heaven (Heb. 4:16).  If the prayer meetings of Christian churches do not fill in the coming months and years, then James 4:2 will explain the loss of our country.”

That last quote really captured me. What happens if our churches do not pray? Truly the answer to our nation’s woes will not be found without God’s people crying out for mercy for our nation.

As you celebrate the 4th today, make sure to pray for our country. We are as much in need of prayer as ever.

One thought on “American Christians at a Crossroads”

  1. Dear Brother Brett,Thank you for the Blessed messages each time and is strengthening my soul and to share with our people in India, we have much idolatry here, please pray for INDIA. In Jesus Love, Evangelist Babu.

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