January Reading Summary

Here are the books I read in January along with some thoughts regarding each:

Portrait of Integrity: The Life of Ray C. Stedman by Mark S. Mitchell – In this short bio, Mark Mitchell covers the basics of Stedman’s background and life of ministry. Verdict: so-so.

Johann Sebastian Bach by Rick Marschall (e-book) –  Rick Marschall presents Bach as a true believer who dedicated his immense musical genius to the glory of God. Caution: A little bit heavy on musical terms; although I’m no longer a musician, I have a background of musical training and still struggled with a lot of the musical jargon. Verdict: pretty good.

Every Bush is Burning by Brandon Clements (e-book) – Interesting novel; Clements breaks the barrier between author and reader with the writer speaking directly to the reader throughout the story…the theology behind this novel is clearly young, restless, and reformed. Verdict: pretty good.

A Habitual Sight of Him: The Christ-Centered Piety of Thomas Goodwin, edited by Joel W. Beeke and Mark Jones) – I’ve been hoping to increase my reading of the Puritans and this short book looked like a good devotional tool as well. There were some great insights, but over all it was surprisingly dull and hum drum. Verdict: disappointing.

Family Worship by Joel R. Beeke – This little volume packs a powerful punch of conviction regarding the neglected practice of family-based worship. I finished it with a new resolve to do better, by God’s grace. Beeke backs up his ideas and assertions with explicit and implicit teaching of Scripture. Verdict: very good.

Developing a Healthy Prayer Life by James W. Beeke and Joel R. Beeke – I used this devotionally after my daily Bible reading. The 31 meditations are about 3 pages each and were warm, instructive, challenging, and comforting. Perhaps the best compliment is that at the close of each chapter I usually went straight to prayer. I hope to read through this little gem again someday in the same fashion. Verdict: great.

What about you? What have you read lately?

2 thoughts on “January Reading Summary”

  1. I’ve read or am reading:

    The Hobbit by Tolkien.
    Gospel by JD Greear
    The Hope of the Gospel by Vic Reasoner
    The Logic of Penal Substitution by J.I. Packer
    Shameless by Paul Collins
    Flyboys by James Bradley
    Christless Christianity by Michael Horton
    The Truth War by John MacArthur
    Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder
    An Unfinished Life by Robert Daller

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