Pray for Steve Saint


Steve Saint, perhaps most well known in the evangelical community for being the son of Ecuador missionary martyr Nate Saint (d.1955), has compiled an impressive missionary resume himself. The leader and founder of I-Tec, based in nearby Dunnellon, Florida, Saint has a passion for helping nationals develop technology to help themselves and spread the Gospel message. One of the coolest inventions he has come up with is the Maverick flying car. I heard Steve speak live at the Desiring God National Conference back in 2005 and was truly touched by his story.

Last week Steve was participating in an experiment at their Dunnellon headquarters when a safety strap broke and seriously injured him. He was medevaced to Shands Hospital in Gainesville where he has experienced paralysis, hopefully temporary in nature. For updates go to I-Tec’s facebook page.

Here is man who has known much suffering. His father died a martyr’s death while Steve was yet a small boy. In the year 2000 his college-aged daughter, Stephanie, died unexpectedly from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage within nine hours of returning home from a summer on the mission field. And now this.

I’m sure he and his family would appreciate your prayers.

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