4 thoughts on “Word Changes in the 2011 ESV Text”

    1. Dennis, thanks for stopping by the blog and expressing your opinion. May I ask which version of the KJV is the only one for you?

  1. There is a lot I like about Voddie. Honestly his book was the first book to really make me look into my educaitonal choices for my kids. I appreciate his cultural apologetics as well. I am not so keen up EXALTING the reformed traditions over others within Christianity. I have high respect for charismatics, devout catholics, Wesylan minded Christians as well. I am still mixed on the Family Integrated Church model as well.
    On a side note…..I’d love to hear what you do with your kids for educuation. Do you homeschool, private or public school? I’ve been reading a lot lately on Creation….. do you have any thoughts on Yough Earth Creation?

    1. We homeschool. Our church has a mix of kids represented: homeschool, public, and private. Our experience with homeschooling has been very positive.

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