Trusting the News and Slandering Fellow Christians

Many years ago I was interviewed by a newspaper for a front page story. Having a feeling I might be quoted at length, which I was, I chose my words very carefully. Apparently the writer of the story felt at liberty to quote the spirit of my words instead of my exact words. Unfortunately many of the synonyms he chose were precisely the words I intentionally avoided. I was aghast. My Dad, being a journalist, assured me that my experience was common. That experience gave me a profound sympathy for celebrities and politicians who have expressed great distrust in the media machine.

Best-selling author and controversial Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren has recently suffered much misunderstanding and outright attacks from fellow Christians because of a poor job by the media. Rumors have been flying that he has rejected the exclusivity of Jesus Christ and Christianity. A recent interview sets the record straight.

Here is an example of where Christians are far too quick to jump on the background and believe everything that is said or written about a fellow Christian. The goal of our country’s judicial system is to protect the innocent; a person charged with a crime is assumed innocent until proven guilty. Should we Christians be quicker to rush to judgment than our courts are set up to do?

Sadly, conservative evangelical Christians seem quick to rush to judgment. We don’t just rush to judgment, we also tend to be swift to slander. If we truly lived out the Golden Rule, we would assume the best in others and be slow to judge others and remember that you cannot trust everything you read.

2 thoughts on “Trusting the News and Slandering Fellow Christians”

  1. How much true it is! It is nothing but character assassination. Only the truth could cleanup the mess..Best is to avoid such hasty conclusion. I am reminded of the snap of the three monkeys sitting together – one with the eyes closed with it’s both hands – the next with its mouth shut with the hands and the third with both the ears covered with both the hands! Never ever come to hasty conclusion on seeing a news print or viewing a news telecast. Unless you see with your own eyes do not believe what you hear or what you read or what others speak too!

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