“The Bible That’s Falling Apart…”

“The Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to a person who isn’t!”

You may have already seen this picture, as it has been circulating on Facebook and the world wide web. I’ve seen the quote attributed to Charles Spurgeon and Vance Havner. Here are what I consider to be the options:

A. Spurgeon said it and Havner repeated it, thus it should be attributed to Spurgeon.

B. One of the men actually said it, and the other was falsely attributed the quote. This seems to be a real possibility because both men have many famous quotes.

C. Using the same logic behind option B, neither of these men actually said it.

That all said, it sounds to me like something Havner would say, so I’m going go with option B…Havner likely said it and somewhere along the way Spurgeon was falsely attributed the quote because he has so many other great quotes as well.

Of course, if any reader has evidence for the source of the quote, that would be fantastic. Please leave a comment.

Regardless of who said it, it makes a great point.  Dig into God’s Word and be transformed!

12 thoughts on ““The Bible That’s Falling Apart…””

  1. Thanx for the reminder to dig into the Word!
    Cool Pic. Used to have a Bible like the one in the pic. I loved to color and write all over. Still have it. But i read from a new one [which is the main reason i came across your blog ] cos sometimes i tend to like the colored verses as opposed to the uncolored ones.
    Thanx so much for that pic! Now i know am not weird! It is ok to color my Bible and write all over it!! [fist bump]

  2. Hi. Somehow, a picture of this bible was put on the poster…it is my bible. I gave it to a man carrying a cross in Ballinger, Texas…I have been trying to find it? Do you know anything about the bible itself?

  3. LOL That is so funny, I left that Bible on an RTD bus in Colorado many years ago, this used to be mine, I still can not believe that someone posted it on the internet! Do you have this NIV Bible? Or did you get this off of the internet too?
    Please let me know if you have any info who now owns it so that I may retrieve it if possible. – Jamie

  4. I am not just 100% sure, but it is my hand writing, it matches my Scriptures today and I used to live in Lakewood Colorado and take the bus,I left 4 bibles on the bus by accident, some in bible cases, I wrote notes in there about people in my life with sin issues like my wife Sheri, and so on, I am absolutely sure! I bet my dna is still on it!

    1. Jamie, I simply lifted this picture from the internet. Seems it’s been making the rounds via facebook and various blogs for a few years now. You are the second person who has contacted me claiming ownership.

      It is not a NIV Bible, though, which is why I asked you if you were sure it was a NIV. This is an ESV Bible, thinline edition, circa 2005.

      Sorry I can’t provide any more details about who currently has this Bible.

      If you want to do some more searching… here is the google results for the image search:


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