NBC and Gender-Inclusive Bibles

Being the host network for this year’s Super Bowl afforded NBC the opportunity to showcase the talent of their various shows. They did it in the imitation of a Broadway musical, starting off with the cast of 30 Rock and shifting to the casts of the Office, Community, and other NBC offerings, including nightly news anchor Brian Williams.

What really intrigued me was the lyrics to the song…”The Brotherhood of Man.” It clearly was not a celebration of testosterone or the theme for a men’s conference. It clearly was a song about humanity. ‘Brotherhood’ definitely referred to humanity as a whole and  ‘man’ clearly was used in the generic ‘person’ sense.

So here’s my point…if a liberal, secular television network has no problem using masculine language to refer to men and women in general, as has been the case in English and other languages for millennia, why are some evangelical Christians so convinced it is necessary to switch to gender-inclusive language in some of our English Bible translations?

2 thoughts on “NBC and Gender-Inclusive Bibles”

  1. Hello.

    I guess you could call me a KJV onlyist. although I have many many other bibles for E-Sword, their only purpose is to show how they differ from the KJV.

    with so many denominations, christian cults, and the non reformed churches like the catholics, the differences in doctrine and teaching rang from ultra conservitive.to ultra liberal.

    the word differences carry different definitions ala the old rogets theosaurus.

    only a slight change in definition in one word can change doctrine.

    just as you point out about the gender benders, so to have the bible correctors and bible critics added to, taketh away, corrupted, and handled the Word of God deceitfully.

    This truely is the last time as fortold, concerning doctrines of men and devils.

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