Why All the Tebow Haters?

Nick Lannon has a theory:

Tebow never asked to be the starter this season over Kyle Orton. Never asked to have his name chanted in stadiums. All he ever said was that he’d work as hard as he could and that, as any player would, he wanted to play. It’s not his fault that he’s been a topic on sports talk shows for a year straight, tiring all the pundits out. Tebow inspires rebellion because he appears to be that thing that we all fear most: a righteous man.”

Read the whole thing HERE.

2 thoughts on “Why All the Tebow Haters?”

  1. You are exactly right. Reading some of the negative comments leads me to think that these people are really rebelling against what Tebow stands for, which is Christ the Savior. I hope and pray everyday that he continues to walk the walk for the naysayers sake. And if for some reason he falls short, like the rest of us, I feel comfort in the fact that I know where he is still going. Have a Blessed Day Everyone.

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