Christians, Tipping, and Leaving Tracts

Seven of our church members went to the Jacksonville Landing this evening to share the Good News of Christ. Michael talked to a server who was on a break, offering him a Gospel tract. He said he already had several of them…because Christians left as tips. Michael sought clarification, asking, “People leave them as tips or with tips?” The answer? Both.

I said to Michael, “Kind of makes you want to say to someone like that, ‘On behalf of all the lame Christians out there who aren’t representing Christ very well, I want to apologize.'”

Please, don’t ever leave a Gospel tract without a generous tip. Leaving Gospel tracts in the place of money for tips is scandalous, an embarrassment to the Christian community...even if the service is sub-par or bad. Think about this, God demonstrated His love toward us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us…the just for the unjust, the godly for the ungodly. Even if a server is rude and not helpful, to bless them with a generous tip is acting very God-like, displaying love toward someone who has not earned it or in any way made you feel like being generous. That’s grace.

One thought on “Christians, Tipping, and Leaving Tracts”

  1. My sister used to work as a waiter at a local restaurant. She told me one of the stingiest tippers was a well-known, local pastor. Conversations with her convinced me that I should ALWAYS tip, especially if I’m leaving a track with the tip. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one, Brett!

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