2011 NIV Now Available Online

Today, Biblica released the online version of the 2011 NIV update. According to Douglas Moo, chair of the Committee on Bible Translation, “95% of the original NIV is preserved in this update.” I spent some time early this morning comparing a few key chapters of the New Testament from the 2011 version with the well-known 1984 edition. But I need to do much more reading before I offer an opinion. You can read the new NIV online HERE or HERE.

4 thoughts on “2011 NIV Now Available Online”

  1. Hey Pastor Brett!

    I’ve spent 30 minutes or so browsing the new NIV online and my first reaction is very positive. I’m very impressed with the changes for the better and all the explanations provided in the “Translators Notes” PDF document available for download. I don’t think I’ll get the real feel of it until I have a print copy in my hands, but I think I found my translation of choice.

    I adhered to your advice and spent a season with the HCSB 2010 update via the HCSB Study Bible. I was impressed with it and concluded that I preferred it over the ESV. But I still preferred my old NIV over both the ESV and HCSB.

    I’m curious to know your assessment of the new NIV. Thanks for your special attention to this project.

    Michael in Texas

    1. Good question, K. Ann. I’m not sure. I’m a Mac guy. You may need to purchase a Bible software program first. Let me know if you find out.

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