Radical by David Platt

Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream by David Platt is one of the best books I have ever read. Easily top five.

Radical is the literary grandchild of John MacArthur’s 1988 surprise mega-seller The Gospel According to Jesus. MacArthur’s work fights the battle for the truth of the Lordship of Christ. The Gospel According to Jesus was the theological bombshell thrown into the playground of the theologians (both academicians and theologically-minded pastors). Platt’s offering declares the (pardon the use of the word) radical demands upon believers because of the Lordship of Christ.

This book comes at a great time in American history, as we face one of the more challenging economic eras in our history. American Christians should be willing to sit up and listen to Platt’s message because God seems to be forcing them to think about how much we don’t require all these toys and creature comforts we think we actually need.

I heard someone say that Radical should be read by everyone who attends a “Prosperity Gospel” church. I disagree because that statement is way too limiting. This book should be read by every American Christian!

Here is a brief video promoting the book:

10 thoughts on “Radical by David Platt”

  1. PB, I actually just purchased this two weeks ago and read it in a few days. It is as powerful as Crazy Love but has enough differences to make them both very demanding

    1. Gary,

      Thanks for commenting.

      I don’t know about the size of his house. I assume he does own a car, but don’t know. And I assume he was being paid by his church, but don’t know that either. With the success of Radical I suppose it’s possible now that he might turn away a salary from his church.

      Have you read the book?

  2. Hey guys,

    David Platt owns a very modest house and car. Both of which are functioning and comfortable, but also very modest for what he could have in light of his success. He does take a salary from the church (not sure of the number), but every penny that is made from the sale and success from his book goes to foreign missions.

  3. Pastor, forgive me for being critical of this man. How can those house Christians be so consumed with His word, and we in America attend only the church that has the best programs. I believe this young man has a message to get out. Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Martyn Lloyd Jones home going. In an interview he was asked, “how did you know you could preach, you gave up a most promising career in medicine?” The doctor’s response was, ” I never really thought about it, I just new that I had a message that had to get out.”

    .I love the Puritans, J.C.Ryle, Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones, and MacArthur. I believe David Platt also has a message to get out. I agree a thousand percent with him. I believe him to be opposite of the modern seeker friendly mega church. May his tribe increase, and may the good Lord bless your ministry as well.

    1. Thanks, Gary, for your humility and for your kind words. I also love the Puritans. They were men after God’s own heart.

  4. I have not read Radical, but have seen it suggested by a young man that works for the youth in detention in our city. In the past, I have read many books at the suggestion of friends, or books that were on the “best seller” list. Most all have provided strength and growth in my spiritual walk, however… for anyone that has not read the Bible… front to back… then that is the place to start!!! You may feel intimitated, but pray, then read. Study! Devour! Then as you sift thru other more current writings, enjoy their revations or quickly discard them lest they greive the Holy Spirit.
    May God bless… & He will if you truly seek.

  5. I have some red flags and issues with Radical. He may be advocating religious pietism, and suggesting that those who do not serve overseas are second class christians. What about those whom God has blessed with an income and are called to witness in their local city?

  6. Got some issues with the book radical in that he is advocating those that are called to local evangelism are second class to those that are called overseas.

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