Reason #22

The most popular post in the history of this blog is “Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?” In that post I list 21 reasons why it is wise to abstain from alcohol use. I recognize that the incident reported below is an example of alcohol abuse rather than use, but I list it as a reason to abstain because few people who abuse alcohol actually set out to abuse it. Most alcohol abusers are simply users who don’t know when to stop. I think it wise to simply avoid the risk of not knowing when to stop.

Here is reason #22 why I think it is wise to avoid alcohol consumption:

HT: Chris Brauns

One thought on “Reason #22”

  1. It is always a bit surprising to me what posts are & aren’t most read/popular.
    There are 2 different issues here, one is whether christians should drink any alcohol or not, and the other is about abuse/addicton/drunkenness (and nonchristians).
    1. Christians are not legalists nor licentious. “All things are permissable but not all things are profitable.” (Be “sober/filled with Spirit not drunk with wine”.)
    2. I think issues like drunkeness are not about reason(s)/”should”/abstaining/etc, but about “why” in the first place. If christians really loved/cared about each other & others there wouldn’t be so much problems/hurt/(ab)using. (And if we cry to G-d/Jesus for help He helps us so that its not about our effort.) Our “society” (incl police etc) is all about harshness/cold/individualism/force /fear/materialism/effort/rationalism.
    Whole (holy)/heal/help/heart, not Hole/hell/hurt/harm/hate/head.
    [3. Also I’ve learnt to be careful of any/all food/drink since there are so many poisons, allergins, etc in our foods/drinks. Even just drinking/bathing water can have heavy metals from soft/acidic water and fittings/pipes/tanks, (like with tin-cans and amalgam fillings too). Though on the other hand I know we shouldn’t be too worried because He is supposed to protect us if we say/give/have thanks/grace/bless/faith/Spirit/forgive.]

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