One thought on “J. I. Packer on Hell”

  1. J.I. Packer brings it! Yes. Tell it like it is. Let the trumpet sound as a clarion to awaken those who have forgotten:
    (that is, maybe they didn’t literally forget about hell but they don’t think about it.)
    The way I think about hell is like this:
    1) all the time
    2) it is the negation of life with Jesus
    3) mucho trieste
    4) hell is way worse than life is right now. Those people who say things like “My Driver’s Test was hell!” or “This lamb roast tastes like hell!” are false prophets man.
    5) We need to keep our eyes on the prize: Jesus!
    6) Everyone I know that is dead is in hell and everyone of my family and friends are currently bound for hell. This is serious business!
    Ryan McGivern

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