One of the Biggest Hoaxes in Our Lifetime…

…is being exposed for what it really is: a bunch of bunk. Pardon my poor English, but if there is one thing that continually causes me to scratch my head it is how easily people jump on a bandwagon driven by “science.” I still have no doubt that global warming is a total hoax. The scientists in the mid-70s said we were entering an ice age as Time Magazine reported.

The leaders of the movement cast themselves as caring about the planet, saving the human race, and all this noble sounding blah, blah, blah. But far too many of them are more concerned about securing funding for research or finding ways to line their pockets with the profits of being an expert about the subject. Al Gore has become far more rich than he already was by flying around the planet in a big jet, polluting the environment with his huge carbon footprint, preaching the gospel of environmentalism, all for the worthy cause of saving the planet.

The followers of the movement are people who need a cause. Everyone needs to feel part of a cause bigger than themselves. They need to feel like they are contributing their money and efforts and thoughts toward something great and grand and noble…say like…saving the planet! So they believe the “scientists” who say that humans are causing our planet to warm up and so they start recyclying (not a bad thing) and they buy a smaller car or even a hybrid and they “go green.”

The only problem is that it’s simply not true. The founder of the weather channel, John Coleman, has called global warming the “greatest scam in history.” He recently produced and hosted a show to debunk the scam. You can watch that HERE. I encourage you to watch it, and then pass the word along. Let’s put an end to this ridiculous hoax.

2 thoughts on “One of the Biggest Hoaxes in Our Lifetime…”

  1. I agree with you that Global Warming is a hoax. What I found ridiculous was that if you calculated your “Carbon Footprint”… you could “offset” this by giving money to these “green” companies, thereby becoming “Carbon Neutral”… Huh? Just by sending the envelope with your check in it would cause you to regain a “Carbon Footprint” since processing of the mail through the post office would result in delivering the letter by plane or postal truck and by someone walking down the street to cause more CO2 to enter into the atmosphere. 🙂

    Recycling is a great idea to reuse resources, but Global Warming is as what you said and is a hoax. Great post Brett!

  2. Sorry, I have got to correct you both.

    World’s biggest hoax.

    Evolution. Visit Biggest load of lies that the world has eatin up.

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