“Higher Calling” – Bryant on Dungy

Howard Bryant, a senior writer for ESPN.com, has written a masterful piece on retired NFL coach Tony Dungy’s post-coaching days. An excerpt:

In his first year outside the NFL since the early 1980s, Dungy is a unique and powerful figure. He has developed an enormous broadcast profile while emerging as a confidant of NFL owners, coaches and the commissioner himself. He is a connected insider, yet strives to maintain a special rapport and credibility with the country’s disadvantaged.”

Bryant probes into Dungy’s rehabilitative efforts with Michael Vick, LeGarrette Blunt, as well as lack thereof for former wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

Being a pastor zealous for the truth, I can’t help but mention that Bryant makes a minor theological misstatement in the story. See if you can find it.

Read the whole thing HERE.


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