Wycliffe Bible Translators

A couple of weeks ago, we did something we had been talking about doing for a couple of years now. We took the kids to the WordSpring Discovery Center in Orlando. Located on the campus of the Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters, WordSpring is basically an interactive museum designed to educate young and old about the history and need for Bible translation.

I have known about Wycliffe for about 20 years now and have provided occasional financial support for their work. I encourage you to take a look at their website and if you are in the Orlando area considering taking a few hours to visit WordSpring.

Our kids enjoyed it, but it is really better suited for kids a little bit older; middle school would be perfect.

We happened to meet one of the staff at Wycliffe, a fellow named Jon, who was very helpful. Jon was gracious enough to get his pic taken with me (see below). It’s a small world after all (hat tip to the OTHER tourist destination down the road) because Jon served in Kenya and his kids went to school in Kenya with the kids of Bob and Nancy Calvert, who did our premarital counseling back in the mid-90s.

Jon was a Wycliffe missionary in Kenya for about 18 years.

Like i said, if you are in Orlando, take a break from all the other theme parks and take a couple of hours to find your way over to WordSpring. It’s worth it.

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