A Mac Man

Monday is my day off. So today I want to pause and say thanks to…Apple. I am one of those annoyingly satisfied Mac guys. I may not have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I have been on a Mac since 1992. Here are the seven Macs I have either owned or convinced my church to purchase for use:

My First Apple Computer

Performa 575 – During my first year of seminary, I got this through my Mom’s education discount. This wonderful computer lasted 10 years. It still functioned after our office was struck by lightning, but the image on the screen was distorted slightly thereafter.

Our first iMac

iMac g4 – This computer was not just an outstanding computer, it was a work of art…a masterpiece design…eye candy! We flat out wore out this computer.


iBook – My first laptop Mac. This 15-inch “clamshell” design convinced me that unless Steve Jobs started a cult, I would be a Mac man for life. šŸ™‚

iMac g5

iMac g5 – This computer is still used at the office today by my assistant. Very good computer. Later models featured the built-in camera.


MacBook – Great computer; still kicking. This would be the perfect computer if it were not for a design flaw that causes the casing on the keypad to crack every six months or so. At least Apple repairs it for free.

iMac g6

iMac g6 – Our current family computer. Wonderful screen.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro – The computer our church uses for updating our podcast, running our presentations, and fulfilling all other audio/visual ministry needs.

MacBook Pro 15" (2010)

MacBook Pro 15″ (2010) – Finally replaced my MacBook. Really pleased with this size screen, as my eyes are beginning to catch up with my age. šŸ™‚

13" MacBook Air

MacBook Air 13″ (2011)Ā – The old MacBook pro our A/V department was using started acting up, so I passed down my new MacBook Pro and picked up this lightweight, efficient machine. I’ve been surprised by how little I’ve missed having a CD/DVD drive. I do have the external drive as an accessory, but have been utilizing the “cloud” for backup.


6 thoughts on “A Mac Man”

  1. I think mine looked something like this:

    It eventually burned up: I walked into the news office and saw a thin stream of smoke rising from my computer. I asked someone what time it was, and when no one replied, I said, “Time to get me a new computer!”

  2. I am getting a few new apple products, and it’s a debate between the MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air, which one would you say is better?

  3. Gillian, I am not sure I would say that one is “better” than the other, but would instead ask what your needs are. They really are different products in my mind. The MacBook Air is about lightweight portability and online memory storage. The MacBook Pro is more about being a full-service portable computer. Determine what your computing needs are and then go to an Apple Store and communicate your needs. I get the feeling one or the other will clearly become your preferred choice.

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