Do you remember the “W.W.J.D?” bracelet fad from a few years back? Inspired by the book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, the bracelets were a big hit for a season. I wonder how many people are still sporting the bracelets? In my message this past Sunday I suggested we would do better to ask the question, “W.D.J.A.T.M.T.D?” Of course I was aiming at being humorous with 8 letters, but I was also making a serious point. Since most Americans don’t know much about what Jesus actually said or did and thus have a hard time actually answering the question “W.W.J.D?” accurately, I think it would be better if we focused on the question, “W.D.J.A.T.M.T.D?”

“W.D.J.A.T.M.T.D?” is better because it more directly drives us to the Bible to know how to answer the question. It is also better because asking the question presupposes that Jesus has a right to command my actions. He is my Lord. “W.W.J.D?” presents Jesus as a model to me, but not necessarily as my Lord.

So what exactly does “W.D.J.A.T.M.T.D?” mean?

“What Did Jesus Already Tell Me To Do?



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