Classic Blue Angels

Went to Jacksonville Beach yesterday afternoon with family and friends to see the Blue Angels perform. I look forward each year to their November visit to Jax. The Blue Angels started here in Jacksonville 63 years ago. Here is the 40 year tribute video with Van Halen’s “Dreams.” While the video features A-4F Skyhawk IIs, the Blue Angels now fly F-18 Hornets.


3 thoughts on “Classic Blue Angels”

  1. Pastor Brett,
    Great shout-out for the Blue Angels. I loved watching them fly the A-4s. To this day it’s my favorite airplane (I flew them for 3 years). It never gets old watching the Blues in any airplane. All the best, Greg Friesen

  2. Wayne, thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn’t see my first air show until 7 years ago. This was my 4th. I go to the same one each year.

    Gregg, Wow! I never knew you flew the A-4. Pretty awesome! I’d love to talk with you about it some time.Hey, thanks again for all your help Sunday morning. I appreciate you.

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