My Favorite Blogs

What are my favorite blogs? Here are my top seven (not in any order of importance):

1. Between Two Worlds by Justin Taylor – recently moved to the Gospel Coalition website but is kind of kind of like the Drudge Report of conservative evangelical American Christianity, not in terms of layout, but in terms of this is where all the conservative evangelical American Christians (particularly pastors) go to keep up with the latest buzz in our demographic.

2. What’s Best Next by Matt Perman – an excellent productivity blog by one of the staff of Desiring God. A big fan of Getting Things Done by David Allen, Matt does a good job of offering tips on how to be more productive on the job, which is something all Christians should be striving for (Col. 3.23).

3. Straight Up by James MacDonald, Gerald Hiestand, and Luke MacDonald – Hey, what can I say? I’m a Harvest guy. So props to my peeps in Chi-town, know what I’m sayin’?

4. by Ed Stetzer – Have you read The Six Degrees of Ed Stetzer? No, it’s not like that Kevin Bacon book, because then it would be The One Degree of Ed Stetzer because Ed knows everyone. Ed has like six advanced degrees and has forgotten more about church planting than the Acts 29 Network, Sovereign Grace Ministries, NAMB, and every other church planting agency/denomination in world history collectively knows. He also is a Facebook friendFacebook fan…I’ll get it right this time: I am one of his Facebook fans. For real, he is a friend of mine and he’s the real deal: a man who loves Jesus and His Church.

5. Leading with Purpose by Michael Hyatt – Fantastic blog on leadership by the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers, based in Nashville. Ever been asked one of those, “If you could have dinner with any 3 people…” questions? Michael would be on more short list of living people I’d love to eat dinner with because he’s so interesting.

6. Bible Design Blog by J. Mark Bertrand – I always am curious about what strange name someone has that they don’t want you to know, so they use their initial. Jehosaphat Mark Bertrand? Jimbob Mark Bertrand? Probably just something normal like Jason or James, but he likes the sound of the initial and lots of writers use an initial. I’ve got to pick on him someway ’cause truth is I’m jealous because Bible publishers send him free Bibles for him to review. Mark is a published author and a fellow Alum of Union Univesity. Go Bulldogs! I think he was a year ahead of me. Anyway, I absolutely love his blog about Bibles. I’ve learned so much about how Bibles are made, the layout of Bibles, etc. Thanks to Mark, I now own a few more Bibles. His blog has that effect on a lot of people, so if you are wanting to keep your money, I warned you. BTW, he doesn’t sell anything on his blog or make any money on it. You will just be tempted to add to your Bible collection.

7. My Dear Brethren and Sistren by Rick Doctor – Rick is a member of our church and a fervent young evangelist. Not an evangelist in the way you may be thinking, traveling church to church, etc. I mean he is a college student who shares his faith a lot. In other words, he frequently talks to people about Jesus as he goes about his week. In this blog, he writes about the encounters he has with people as he seeks to be faithful in sharing with people the truth of Christ’s atoning work on the cross. You should check it out. It’s very fascinating stuff.

Well, there are several other blogs I enjoy and subscribe to via Google Reader, but seven is a good number so I’ll stop there with my top seven. You may wonder when I have time to read all these blogs. The answer is that if you use a good blog aggregator it doesn’t take that long. I use Google Reader. I check it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I scroll down through the blogs and read the ones that capture my attention. It’s kind of like reading the newspaper. In fact, I usually check Drudge Report, USA Today, and once a day as well. Between the blogs and checking the front pages of those news sources, I feel like I stay decently connected to what’s going on in the world. I use Facebook to keep up with my network of family and friends, and I usually check it once or twice a day as well, if not in the morning, then almost always at night.

Update: Shame on me for forgetting to mention one for you Mommys out there in the blogosphere… šŸ˜‰

My friend from college (from the Star Wars saga), Star Walker Neely, has a great blog about being a Mommy of four (my dear wife can identify!):

“One More Equals Four”


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogs”

  1. I cannot believe that onemoreequalsfour by Star (Walker) Neely didn’t make that list!

    I kid! Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have to check ’em out!

  2. Dude,

    1) Thanks for the Name Drop there. Hehehe.

    2) I hate and love Mark’s bible design website. I never thought I could be so into how a bible is made, the layout of the words, the size of the margins, then number of columns, where the references are, how thick the paper is, what are the dimensions, it kinda makes me sick and excites me at the same time.

    Speaking of which, I need to see your Personal ESV SCR (hehehe, it is funny that I know what that is, just in case you don’t know. Personal ESV Single Column Reference). I want to get one.

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