For the Love of Bibles: Burgundy Bibles

I’ve always liked Burgundy Bibles. In fact, I’ve had so many Burgundy Bibles that I have started shying away from buying them. Here lately I’ve been leaning toward a preference for tan, light brown, or some say “Saddle” colored Bibles. I’ve also developed a new appreciation and love for black Bibles (you can see a pic of my Black Stack on my “About Me” page). He is a pic of my Burgundy Stack:

Burgundy Bibles

From top to bottom:

1) Thinline New American Standard Bible – just a simple thinline Bible with little frills. Cover is bonded leather.

2) The Reformation Study Bible in English Standard Version – A very good study Bible from a classic reformed perspective. Genuine leather.

3) The MacArthur Study Bible (New King James Version) – An outstanding study Bible from this generation’s finest Bible teacher. Bonded leather.

4) Another MacArthur Study Bible (New King James Version) – This one is my wife’s. Bonded leather.

5) Nelson Study Bible (New King James Version) – A Bible that I have rarely ever used. I refer to the study notes maybe 6-9 times per year when preparing a message.

6) The International Inductive Study Bible (New American Standard Bible) – A study Bible that trains you to dig into the text for yourself rather than explaining to you the meaning through footnotes.

I own three other Bibles that might be classified as burgundy, but were just so much on the red side that I left them out of the stack because the color contrast was so great that they looked red in the stack, even though isolated they look like they might be considered burgundy rather than red: an NIV Ryrie Study Bible, a thinline NKJV, and the Pilgrims Study Bible.

Most of these Bibles are bonded leather rather than genuine leather. None of them are what I would call a premium Bible in terms of binding and quality or type of leather. I do not plan to purchase any more bonded leather Bibles. Although they look and feel very similar to genuine leather, bonded leather is to leather is what particle board is to wood. You have some strips of leather with adhesive, but you are not holding a solid leather skin. They wear out and dry out very fast because they are not as strong as genuine leather.

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