Steve Harvey on How He Would Introduce Christ

I don’t know if Steve Harvey is a clean comedian or a man who walks the talk. But this is pretty cool. He may not be geographically precise: “He hails from a manger in Bethlehem, Jerusalem”. I think he meant Bethlehem, Israel. But apparently this was at the close of a secular comedy night in front of a secular audience. Which caused me to be surprised at how enthusiastic and worshipful these people appear to be. He does not sugar coat it, he really says Christ-exalting truth. And then I watched it a second time and noticed something was glaringly missing. I mean something really BIG when it comes to listing the accomplishments of Jesus. I am not trying to slam on Steve, his heart may be in the right place, but I find it sad that he doesn’t list the main thing. Watch and enjoy and be inspired, but also see if you can identify what’s missing:

HT: My friend Jeremy

UPDATE (9/1/12): I am sitting here on a Saturday evening after supper watching Steve Harvey host “Praise the Lord!” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). He calls himself a new Christian and seems to be a genuine believer, which I am excited to see. If you look down through the comments below, you will notice I’ve taken quite a bit of heat for my critique of his presentation in the video above. It’s amazing to me how people ignore the positive things I say and just focus on the negative and come to the apparent conclusion that I am slamming on Mr. Harvey. I am not. I say a lot of positive things: “this is pretty cool”…”he does not sugar coat it”…”he really says Christ-exalting truth”…and “Watch and be inspired.” However, because I offer a major corrective, many people cannot see the whole picture of what I am trying to communicate.

I cannot emphasize enough that presenting all the peripheral aspects of what Jesus did without presenting the main thing is not really presenting the Gospel. The Gospel is Christ crucified for sinners and risen for their eternal salvation (1 Cor. 15). If I could recommend one book for Mr. Harvey for his spiritual growth on this topic it would be Matt Chandler’s wonderful new book, The Explicit Gospel.


14 thoughts on “Steve Harvey on How He Would Introduce Christ”

  1. Yeah, you are right.

    It is easy to miss because you are in what he is saying, who is saying it, and how he is being received, but something is missing.

    He forgot to say BORN of a VIRGIN!!!


    1. Yeah but if we was to point out everything he missed we could never stop writing. The my bridge over troubled waters
      My bull walk
      My bread
      My water
      The lily of the valley
      The bright MorningStar
      My advocate
      My peace
      He is the one that’s Kept me

  2. Though he presents Christ in a very honoring way in this monologue, the Gospel is absent, which means he missed the main thing: the sinless Son of God went to the cross and died for our sins, was buried, and three days later gloriously rose from the dead. This is the Good News. And I hope Steve makes the centerpiece of not just future “If I could introduce Christ” presentations, but also the centerpiece of his life.

    1. My brother, I understand your position about what was missing in the message that was delivered but in my honest opinion, IF I did not know Christ that night, I would have desired a closer relationship with Him. Let’s not be so critical of the missing elements of the message BUT the fact that someone came to know Christ through him.
      Preachers still today with all their schooling either get up mising important Scriptures or they preach to FLESHLY MESSAGES!

  3. I have to say, the guy was doing a secular comedy show and managed to get a theater full of people to stand up and cheer for and worship Christ. Pretty good I think. Those who don’t know Christ, may just want to look further and learn more, and those attending who do know Christ were blessed. God was obviously in the middle of this. Let’s not pick it apart, but just thank God. God bless Steve Harvey and his walk with Jesus.

  4. Grace,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And for commenting. Here is my response. Written comments cannot adequately express emotion and sometimes anger or frustration can be read into things. Know that my comments below are written with neither anger nor frustration, but simply a desire to dialogue. 🙂

    Interesting point you make about the response of the crowd to Mr. Harvey’s presentation. My hope is that you are correct, that those who know Christ were blessed and those who didn’t know Him might want to look further and learn more.

    As for your suggestion, “Let’s not pick it apart, but just thank God.” Did it occur to you that you have done the same thing with this very blog post? Did it also occur to you that the same thing you suggest we should do could be applied to your response to this post?

    How about we take your critique of my critique and apply it with the same words to your critique, slightly adjusted (ALL CAPS) to fit the specifics? Here we go:

    “I have to say, the guy was doing a BLOG POST and managed to get a SOME PEOPLE to READ ABOUT KEEPING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS THE MAIN THING. Pretty good I think. Those who don’t know Christ, may just want to look further and learn more ABOUT THE GOSPEL, and those READING who do know Christ were blessed. God was obviously in the middle of this. Let’s not pick it apart, but just thank God. God bless PASTOR BRETT and his walk with Jesus.”

  5. I think that the main point is that Steve Harvey was NOT preaching a sermon nor did he intend to. He was invited by TD Jakes to speak at Megafest, and he used this introduction as a way of using what would be acceptable in that atmosphere.

    On TBN, he admitted that he works in the secular world. I would prefer to leave him to God and to pray for him.

    My hope is that it causes all of us to investigate what God is saying, in His Word, to us.

    Sarah D

  6. Brett, (Pastor)
    I read what you stated regarding the message from Steve Harvey. let’s think on this a moment. Say, if I met a person that was down and out and on the verge of giving up. Now, at this time, my TESTIMONY and my experiences and my walk with Christ would be on the forefront why because at this time I can not give this person who is on milk a full dose of meat when they don’t know and at this time really not wanting it. After I have feed them mentally now I can give them so spiritual food. Stop being so heavenly bound that you are no earthly good. This man had only minutes to tell a crowd of people about God and you critique him for not being verbatim. You keep stating things like, “I hope” and I think! some people got it and I Hope and I think some didn’t” Who are you to be the Judge on who got it and who didn’t. He received over 400k reviews and that one speech and you wonder who got it. if satin was in this, you would have more negative posting after he spoke then positive. did you take the time to read other people comments on it. So if you hear an other minister speak and he do not quote the scripture verbatim, will you criticize them are would you say you know what they are talking about even if they are not meticulous on the wording. Come on, the bible say there is not but ONE PERFECT person and that is JESUS CHRIST. We are in to building up the kingdom not tearing it down. As Christians we are on one according and how can you say that this man is not. Judge ye not.. I just had to come men because I was looking for Steve Harvey video and your comment popped up. Like you stated to the other person that commented. I am not trying to Judge you in any way. Thank you. From one Child of God to the next….

    1. Thank you, Vivian, for stopping by the blog.

      Did you happen to notice that you have done exactly what you accuse me of doing. When I do it, you call it judging others, but when you do it, you are “not trying to judge…in any way.”

      Here’s another difference between what I wrote and what you wrote…I take time to compliment Steve and point out the good. Did you find anything good about what I said?

      Read my blog again. Notice the following comments I made:

      “…this is pretty cool.”

      “He does not sugar coat it, he really says Christ-exalting truth.”

      “Watch and enjoy and be inspired…”

      I just read through your comment again. Nothing but negative.

      Can I ask you a personal question, Vivian? Do you believe that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven a person must be born again? Do you believe that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and was raised again on the third day? If so, would you agree with me that if YOU were to introduce Jesus Christ THAT (the Gospel) would be the MAIN THING to include?

  7. I for one LOVED what Steve Harvey said! I am NOT a fan of his, nor do I listen to his comedy or television shows, but I LOVED this!!!! In his defense, it is important however to note, that he DID say, “This is just how I would do it. It ain’t got to be the way you would do it. You may not think it’s just right. But this is how I would do it.”

    With that being said, here is what The WORD said: “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish, foolishness; but unto us which are saved, it is the power of God.” – (1 Corinthians 1:18)

    Bottom line – Without the death, burial & resurrection of Christ, we have no hope & Steve Harvey has atleast fell on the right side of this issue in a venue where hope, among many places, needs to be found!

    1. Thanks, John, for your comment. You are correct in quoting 1 Corinthians 1:18 and saying, “Without the death, burial & resurrection of Christ, we have no hope.” A hearty Amen!

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