Steve Harvey on How He Would Introduce Christ

I don’t know if Steve Harvey is a clean comedian or a man who walks the talk. But this is pretty cool. He may not be geographically precise: “He hails from a manger in Bethlehem, Jerusalem”. I think he meant Bethlehem, Israel. But apparently this was at the close of a secular comedy night in front of a secular audience. Which caused me to be surprised at how enthusiastic and worshipful these people appear to be. He does not sugar coat it, he really says Christ-exalting truth. And then I watched it a second time and noticed something was glaringly missing. I mean something really BIG when it comes to listing the accomplishments of Jesus. I am not trying to slam on Steve, his heart may be in the right place, but I find it sad that he doesn’t list the main thing. Watch and enjoy and be inspired, but also see if you can identify what’s missing:

HT: My friend Jeremy

UPDATE (9/1/12): I am sitting here on a Saturday evening after supper watching Steve Harvey host “Praise the Lord!” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). He calls himself a new Christian and seems to be a genuine believer, which I am excited to see. If you look down through the comments below, you will notice I’ve taken quite a bit of heat for my critique of his presentation in the video above. It’s amazing to me how people ignore the positive things I say and just focus on the negative and come to the apparent conclusion that I am slamming on Mr. Harvey. I am not. I say a lot of positive things: “this is pretty cool”…”he does not sugar coat it”…”he really says Christ-exalting truth”…and “Watch and be inspired.” However, because I offer a major corrective, many people cannot see the whole picture of what I am trying to communicate.

I cannot emphasize enough that presenting all the peripheral aspects of what Jesus did without presenting the main thing is not really presenting the Gospel. The Gospel is Christ crucified for sinners and risen for their eternal salvation (1 Cor. 15). If I could recommend one book for Mr. Harvey for his spiritual growth on this topic it would be Matt Chandler’s wonderful new book, The Explicit Gospel.