Prayer is Amazing

I read this morning that the Space Shuttle program may be in its last days. Plans are to retire the fleet upon the completion of the International Space Station in a couple of years. Being a Floridian I am able, barring unusually dense cloud cover, to watch each space shuttle launch from the comfort of my own backyard. Every single time I witness a launch I am amazed by our modern abilities. To put men and women in space for a specific task is simply awe-inducing.

Yet when I think about it, our prayers are even more amazing. Through billions of dollars of research and probably millions, if not billions, of hours of effort and study, we are able to put people into the earth’s orbit. Even then, it is a highly risky endeavor that has resulted in loss of life. Meanwhile, for thousands of years, the prayers of God’s people have risen above and beyond the earth’s orbit to go into an entirely different dimension altogether: God’s throne room. Our prayers ascend into Heaven when we send our praises, confessions, thanksgivings, concerns, and requests up to God. Amazing!

This is stunning not just from a metaphysical perspective, but also from a theological perspective. Holy, perfect, righteous God accepts the prayers of sinful, rebellious people of dust. “What is man that you are mindful of him?” wrote the Psalmist. It is only because of God’s grace through Jesus that he hears our prayers. Amazing grace!

Think about how blessed we are that our hearts can touch heaven because of God’s great love and grace for us!


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