Only One Race – Brown

The Singerl Twins, fraternal twins, are an example of how we are really one race.
The Singerl Twins, fraternal twins, are an example of how we are really one race.

People say that I am white or caucasian, but really I am brown, and so are you. You see, to be scientifically precise about it, there really are no “white” people or “black” people or “yellow” people, etc. We are all brown, with differing degrees and variations. Scientific truth strikes a shattering blow to racial prejudice.

To learn more about the facts, check out this fascinating article.

2 thoughts on “Only One Race – Brown”

  1. Interesting article! However, it bothers me when we try to neutralize the race issue. Yes, we are all descended from Adam and Eve. However, through gene pooling we have ended up looking differently and that is part of God’s creation, and it’s awesome. To neutralize it would be like wishing all flowers were roses. Having a Korean wife, I always look at her as my wife. Part of what makes her so special is that she is Korean, that covers more than just physical appearance. My kids? Their Amerasian. They have the blessings of two cultures and races. WE have to move past race causing us discomfort. It’s just God being creative. One of my favorite airports in the world is Bangkok. People are there from all over the world. It is an amazing sight, and they are all beautiful. I’m for celebrating race. Make a friend and learn to see the world through different eyes.

    1. Perhaps it is symantecs. There is only one race, the race of men.

      But God has granted there to be so many cultures and these cultures can be celebrated for their beauty.

      It makes me think about how every nation, tribe, and tongue will worship Jesus one day.

      It is gonna be so good…

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