Why Should You Read Romans?

Romans is a very popular book for many reasons. I suspect, though that the top two reasons it is so popular is…

(1) Romans 8.28 – One of the most beloved verses in the Bible: And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

(2) The “Roman Road” to salvation – Romans 3.23, 6.23, 5.8, 10.9-10, and 10.13 serve as a great teaching outline for how to become a Christian.

As wonderful as these individual verses are, they are set into the context of the book as a whole. I encourage you to read the whole book. If you never have read it, I think you will be instructed, challenged, encouraged and comforted by the truths of the book.

If you have read the book before, I challenge you to consider reading it on a monthly basis. Over the course of the next twelve months I plan on reading it monthly. Why? Because if there is one book of the Bible I want to master, it is Romans.

Again, you might ask, why? Because it might possibly be the most important book in the Bible.  Here is what the late, great Martyn Lloyd-Jones had to say about the importance of Romans:

I would suggest to you that [Romans] is here in the first position because the church was given the wisdom by the Holy Ghost to realize that it is first in importance . . .

Now surely this is something we can well emphasize.  It has been the universal opinion in the Christian church throughout the centuries that Romans is the Epistle above all which deals with fundamentals, and if you look at the history of the church I think you will see that has been borne out time and time again.  There is a sense in which we can say quite truthfully that the Epistle to the Romans has, possibly, played a more important and crucial part in the history of the church than any other single book in the whole of the Bible.  That is a matter of very great significance.  We are to read and to study the whole Bible – – yes!  But if it is evident from the history of the church that one particular book seems to have been used in an exceptional manner, surely it behooves us to give it exceptional attention.  (MLJ, Romans, Volume 1, pages 2-3).

So, grab a copy of God’s Word and read Romans. You won’t be disappointed.


One thought on “Why Should You Read Romans?”

  1. I agree that Romans may be the most critical book in the Bible. As I use Professor Grant Horner’s Bible reading system I have considered adjusting the lists so that I do read Romans every month. In fact, I will probably do this at some point.

    It is interesting that you quote MLJ on Romans. I received an email from a local pastor about a week ago announcing his intention to challenge all the pastors, and any others interested, in our local association to read one volume per month of MLJ’s 14 volume Romans commentary set. He has arranged for all interested to purchase the complete set from Banner of Truth for $258.00.

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