Bible Makeover #1 – My Son’s Bible (Colorful to Camo)

A good Bible for a first-grader.

Several weeks ago we purchased a One Year Bible for Kids – Challenge Edition (NLT) for our son. He liked it, but I wanted him to REALLY like it. I considered having it rebound by Leonard’s, one of the bookbinders I’ve considered using for another Bible rebind. I showed my son the potential covers from their “Children’s” page. He really like the Camo cover. So at that point I thought about making that his Christmas gift. But the more I thought about it, the more I hesitated.

First, our children are not exactly the least destructive children on the planet. And there seems to be a magical rule in operation that says the more money we invest in something for our children, the more likely they are to destroy it. I don’t know if we are the only parents in which this phenomena occurs, but it seems to be as real as the law of gravity.

Second, children can very easily forget something. And again, the rule above seems to apply: the more money something costs, the more likely it is to be left somewhere. Since our church meets in a movie theater, I was pretty confident a custom made camoflauge bound Bible would end up under a theater seat and lost forever.

Right about the time I was having these thoughts I happened to have a conversation with a buddy of mine who explained that he used duct tape to hold together the binding of a favorite old Bible of his. Suddenly I remembered that there is such a thing as camouflage duct tape and I had a cheap and exciting solution for giving my son a custom camouflage Bible.

The next time I was at Wal-Mart I found myself in the sporting good section grabbing a roll of Remington Camo duct tape for just a few bucks (no pun intended). When I got home I picked up my son’s Bible, invited him into the kitchen, and proceeded to cover his Bible cover with camo duct tape. Here is the final result:

The cross was made with Gorilla Tape topped with the Remington Camo tape.
The cross was made with Gorilla Tape topped with the Remington Camo tape. The Bible is much sturdier now and, I suspect, will actually last longer. The best part of all is that my son LOVES it!

7 thoughts on “Bible Makeover #1 – My Son’s Bible (Colorful to Camo)”

  1. You were so brave to do that. You have a gift….knowing what will speak to others. Such an imagination you have. Your son must love this and be so proud of it. You may be onto something here, Brett.

  2. You have made your son a very special Bible and a memory he will never forget. I am so proud of the way you do things with your children, building good memories that will last a life time. You are a great father!

  3. Hey Brett: Saw this and had to try it! I tried it on a Bible that was $9, with a very cardboard type cover… turned out pretty neat. My wife like it, and said she wanted to use it. Then I remember I had two cheap $5 dollar Bibles… and I just couldn’t resist but to do more practicing… I do have to say, I’m getting pretty good at it now! Tricky part is the rounded corners. I’m going to look for some camo adhesive contact paper next time! But it truly is a great project for kids, and it’s fun for the adults too! Thanks!

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