On Vacation

Sorry for the quiet blog. I had a lot to get done in preparation for vacation. Now I’m on vacation. I do hope to blog sometime next week, so check back then.

Since I’m quiet this week, perhaps you would be interested in visiting a few of the blogs I try to keep up with regularly:

www.timellsworth.com – Tim is a good friend of mine and although he does not blog nearly as frequently as he used to, when he does, it’s good.

www.albertmohler.com – The President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the most influential and compelling voices in evangelical American Christianity. He is great with book reviews and recommendations but his specialty is social commentary from a biblical perspective.

www.whatsbestnext.com – I like this site because it gives me great ideas and tips for greater productivity and effectiveness.

http://matteroffactsite.blogspot.com/ – Ordinarily I’m not a regular reader of blogs whose target audience is Christian women, but I make an exception for my cousin, Sherri. She is a godly woman and a very creative writer with a great sense of humor (think Erma Bombeck).

http://purgatorio1.com/ – just for fun.


One thought on “On Vacation”

  1. Thank you Brett. I just saw this. I’ve not been blogging for about a week- just posted about my son’s band but may take some more time off.

    I appreciate the kind words.

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