8 Minus “Jon & Kate”

I have never watched a single episode of the popular television reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” but I have noticed that suddenly some of the blogs I follow are suddenly all abuzz about the apparent marital struggles of the famous couple.

Here is a fascinating article by Julie Vermeer Elliot about the potential disintegration of the Gosselin marriage and what it says about American evangelical culture.

What really strikes me as sad is not only the train wreck of pain these two young people are marching toward, but the collateral damage the eight children will experience.

I could only wish that people will tune the show out and therefore help bring the couple back down to earth. Unfortunately, the opposite will probably occur: ratings will probably shoot through the roof.  How many more families have to be destroyed by the lure of fame and wealth for us to finally realize these idols don’t deliver what they promise?

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