My Upper Endoscopy, pt. 3

“If you can get into Mayo, do it.” Such was the counsel of a friend of a friend, who has a career in the medical field here in Jacksonville.

Since moving to Florida in the year 2000, we have been very pleased with our medical care.  We have a wonderful new hospital near our home in Baptist South. And our experience with Baptist Downtown has been great. Other church members have received wonderful care at St. Lukes, St. Vincents, Shands, and Memorial. We love our pediatrician and I’ve been very pleased with my allergy specialist. And now we can officially add Mayo Clinic to the list.

Like so many other people, for years I had heard wonderful things about the world-famous Mayo Clinic.  Though I am only one week into my own Mayo experience, I must say, my first impressions are very high. The facilities are clean and the campus is beautiful. Every employee you come in contact with treats you to a smile, a warm greeting, and is eager to serve you.  When calling for you, you are called by your title. I had no idea in filling out the registration papers, that by checking “Dr.” I would be called by that title more times in my two visits there than all times combined since my graduation in 2005 (As a pastor, I prefer to go by “Pastor Brett” or simply “Brett”). But still, whether you are a Mr., a Miss, or a Dr., it is one small touch that establishes an environment of care and respect for the patient. In summary, their customer service is tops.

Another nice thing about Mayo is that you get the impression that the medical staff will take as much time as you need with them. I did not feel like I was being herded through as quickly as possible. A couple of the gentlemen I visited with in the “locker room” prior to my procedure had been coming to Mayo for years and were huge fans.

Count me one as well. If you are facing a serious medical situation, I concur with my friend’s friend, “If you can get into Mayo, do it.”

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