Back by Popular Demand: “Believing Despite Difficult Doctrines” (John 6:35-66)

There are rare occasions in which a message I preach is an instant hit.  An abnormal number of people approach me after the message and express thanks and seemed moved and people say things like “That’s the best message I’ve ever heard you preach.”  Usually it’s one I never dreamed would get such a response.  Such was the case this Sunday.  It had a lot going against it: #1) It covered too much ground (about 30 verses) #2) It had very few illustrations. #3) It was waaaayyyy toooo lonnngggg (1 hour and 8 minutes) and #4) It was on one of the most controversial doctrines in the history of the church: election. But, for whatever reason, God seemed to put His hand upon it.

And wouldn’t you know, something went wrong and it didn’t get recorded. 🙂

So, because of the interest in the podcast of the message and disapointment of the lack thereof, I have agreed to preach it again this Sunday (greatly reduced, of course, say about 45 minutes this time) for recording purposes.  If you want to help provide a congregation for this recording, please come early, about 8:20 a.m., and make your way into the theater.  Sorry, but no childcare will be provided.


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