Pastor James on The Price is Right

Some of you may know that Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel of Rolling Meadows, IL, was a contestant on Dick Clark’s The $25,000 Pyramid several years ago. Late this morning one of our church members called the office to tell me she was pretty sure she had just seen Pastor James in the studio audience of The Price Is Right. I shot Pastor James an email and he confirmed it. This time he wasn’t a contestant, but in the studio audience, seated right behind Contestants’ Row.  I captured these photos on my MacBook with this nifty widget called “Screenshot Plus”:

Pastor James with Kathy and Abby on the Front Row
Pastor James with Kathy and Abby on the Front Row

Pastor James’s personality came out over the course of the program…

Here is Guessing James.  I think he is yelling, “3 Thousand Dollars…3 Thousand Dollars!” If so, he was only wrong by about $1,500, but maybe he was saying $2,000:



Here is Goofy James:



Here is Tough James. He kept this pose like a statue the entire time the camera panned by him. Reminds me of the pose my buddies always made for their football pictures back in high school:


Here is Fired Up James:


Here is Happy James:



Here is Clueless James (he says: “I have no idea”):



Here is LOL James:


The MacDonalds got to witness one of the closest showcase showdowns I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve seen a whole lot of these, but host Drew Carey seemed genuinely impressed).

Jacquelin came $290 from the actual retail price; quite a feat.


But Lindsey Marie topped that with a more accurate guess, just $116 from the actual retail price.


Making her (because she was within $250 of the ARP) a Double Showcase winner.



On a side note, a couple of months ago a man guessed the exact retail price for his showcase ($23,743), only the second time it had ever happened on the show.  If you watch the clip, you’ll notice host Drew Carey is not too excited about the amazing guess.  He had reason to be frustrated.  Turns out someone in the audience had memorized all the prices of the commonly used items on the show, did the math, and yelled out the right number to the lucky contestant.


One thought on “Pastor James on The Price is Right”

  1. We have much love for pastor James. We listen to him everyday and these clips are a fun way to see his personality! God Bless

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