When Does Legitimate Desire Cross Over to Greed?

In light of what is going on with our economy, an important question Christians need to be asking is when does a legitimate desire to work hard and be successful cross over into sinful greed?  

Albert Mohler answers this question well in his blog entry this past Wednesday:

“The desire for a profit, for income, and for material gain is not in itself greed.  The Bible clearly teaches that the worker is worthy of his hire and that rewards should follow labor, thrift, and investment.

Greed raises its ugly head when individuals and groups (such as corporations or retirement funds) seek an unrealistic gain at the expense of others and then use illegitimate means to gain what they want.  Given the nature of this fallen world and the reality of human sinfulness, we should expect that greed will be a constant temptation.  Greed will entice the rich to oppress the poor, partners in transactions to lie to one another, and investors to take irrational risks.  All of these are evident in this current crisis.”

2 thoughts on “When Does Legitimate Desire Cross Over to Greed?”

  1. Thanks, David. And thanks for stopping by. When I saw you had left a comment, I was expecting some profound statement about greed, but a compliment is even better!

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